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Charles Betz

Telling stories with music,
in a universe of simultaneous time

Composer, lyricist, arranger, writer

Seeking director, playwright, and actor/singers for spiritual and New Age musical theater projects


July 2024: Had a reading of my book for Five Minutes On The Low Road, with some great LA-based actors. Definitely pointed up some issues, but overall very supportive. 

I'll be going to the International Association for Near-Death Studies annual gathering, in Phoenix in late August, for field research. 

April 2024: looking for director, playwright, and actor-singers for musical about a woman who has a near-death experience, and the consequences of that. Interest in New Age spirituality a strong plus. Read more...


February 2024: looking forward to my March 7 premiere of "Wild and Precious," to be performed by choir and orchestra. 

Moved my website from archaic TypePad to Wix, and not looking back! Everything just works. 

Last fall I was asked to come back to the New Musicals program as a guest "ringer" composer to work with the new students. It's an honor, and a vote of confidence in my musical abilities. 

I'm also working with a new partner, Peter Welkin on a couple of ideas: The Womanless Wedding, about a 1920s "ritual of inversion," and Refuge, exploring Duluth as a climate change sanctuary. Also directly working with NMI on my own musical, "Five Minutes on the Low Road," about a near-death experience. 

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